Who we are

Cartotecnica Moreschini is a third generation family business.

Our mission is bringing ideas to life, in order to take care of other ideas, using at its best and respecting what Nature creates.

Preparing for the change is our daily commitment. We try to pursue it by cultivating first of all some fundamental human qualities: humility to get involved, spirit of sacrifice,  awareness of one’s own value, honesty and consistency.

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CARTOTECNICA MORESCHINI, thanks to the energy of all its components (parts/member)


Improves itself

Changes constantly

Like paper, that is reborn each time into a new product of human genius, the company also knows how to renew itself, reproducing its endless life cycle.

In conclusion, three words to define us:


Understood as:
security, strength, support, discussion, planning, future.


Understood as:
openness, transparency, integrity, collaboration, team.


Understood as:
passion, responsibility, knowledge and knowledge sharing.

Our strategy:

  • Grow on new national and international markets
  • Strategically aggregate with trusted partners
  • Create a Moreschini brand
  • Differentiate on the market with new solutions and proposals
  • Create a Moreschini Atelier of all projects
  • Obtain BRC certification
  • Obtain ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL certification
  • Adopt Lean production
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