Cartotecnica Moreschini is specialized in consulting, design and refining of new packaging projects, coming up with innovative and industrializable solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and GDO sectors.

Despite its small size, the company has implemented an organizational system that meets the needs of big companies. The account work for multinational companies remains an important part of our business.

Starting from the type of product requested by the customer, Cartotecnica Moreschini finds the most suitable technical solution using various printing technologies. Thanks to the collaboration with highly specialized partner companies in the printing sector, we offer Offset, Hybrid and Flexo printing, with UV, water-based varnishes and with alcohol-free dampening solutions for printing packaging in direct contact with food or of high-end cosmetic packaging.

The printed sheet can be plastified with films suitable for food or non-food contact, in glossy or opaque plastic, and possibly coupled in a microwave.

The following stages of packaging finishing go from the application of hot foils, with or without relief and screen printing, up to the application of windows that can possibly be creased during the die-cutting process.

The transformation phases of the printed sheet – die-cutting and gluing – are carried out internally on extremely flexible and innovative lines, able to process different types of material, from paper to flat cardboard, in microwave up to double or triple corrugated cartons for large packages dimensions and intended for the packaging of heavy products.

The proposed solutions therefore vary from very high quality packaging for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food sectors, to packs specifically designed for those sectors in which the products have very specific needs.

We produce:

– Cases
– Containers
– Packaging
– Cases with window creased at an angle
– Windowed cases
– ounter displays
– Special cases
– Cases for automatic machines
– Packaging with internal separators
– And many other things