Who we are

Cartotecnica Moreschini is a third generation family business.
Our mission is to give life to ideas that protect other ideas, respecting what nature has given us.
Specialized in packaging technology, we deal directly with the crucial phases of the production process, relying on a network of partners specialized in finishing.
Preparing for change is our daily commitment. Let us pursue it by cultivating the humility of putting ourselves at stake, the spirit of sacrifice, honesty and consistency.


Cartotecnica Moreschini is a story that contains many stories: those of the Italian cartotecnica, of our country, but above all of a family.


In the same year in which his son Roberto was born, Giacomo Moreschini gave life to his idea of the company. We are in the post-war period and Italy wants redemption and rebirth, believes in a better future and works tenaciously to Reconstruction. Hope and trust, seasoned with enthusiasm and passion, are the driving force that guides the country.


The Economic Boom comes: Giacomo works in a food cooperative and notices that pasta, until then sold in bags of 25 kilos, is required one kilo at a time. In the new families, therefore, a need emerges: the 1 kilogram pack. From this intuition, Giacomo develops his enterprise with his wife Anna Maria, while Roberto grows between machines and cardboard.


Father Giacomo leaves the helm to the young Roberto and Mara, his life and work partner. Together they make it progress, nourishing it, investing, dedicating infinite dreams, time and energies.


At the turn of the third millennium, Chiara Moreschini joins the company, bringing ideas, innovation and certified quality.


The family, united, adds another precious element to its team: Alessio, husband of Chiara, father of the grandchildren of Roberto and Mara, who grow between the machines, paper and packaging board, enters the company. The life cycle is renewed and regenerated in a perpetual motion.



The company changes its look and expands, moving into a new building of about 4,000 square meters at the motorway exit of Castel San Pietro Terme. A strategic position that strengthens the logistics.


Cartotecnica Moreschini creates the first line for the application of silicone band on laminated cardboard dies, designed for companies operating in the e-commerce sector.


Following the success obtained, the cartotecnica increases the bending-gluing line with the system for the application of silicone band.


The company is approaching the school, with the commitment of Roberto to train new talents in courses of various kinds dedicated to packaging. His lectures focus on three fundamental values: Family, Respect and Professionalism.


Cartotecnica Moreschini turns 70, celebrating a long path dedicated to the quality of results and technological innovation. With the conviction that "it is human capital that creates economic capital", continuing training is increasingly central to the company.

Like paper, which is reborn every time in a new product of human ingenuity, the company can renew itself, reproducing its infinite life cycle.

Thanks to the energy of all its components, Cartotecnica Moreschini




Three words to define us

In the management of our company, the ethical aspect is a binding issue and is the fundamental tool to promote and protect our image.


Meant as: safety, strength, support, comparison, planning, future


Meant as: openness, transparency, integrity, collaboration, team


Meant as: passion, responsibility, knowledge and knowledge sharing

Our strategy:

  • Grow on new national and international markets
  • Strategically aggregate with trusted partners
  • Create a Moreschini brand
  • Differentiating on the market with new solutions and proposals
  • Create an Atelier Moreschini of all projects
  • Get the BRC certification
  • Adopt the Lean production