8 Principles

In the management of our company, the ethical aspect is a binding issue and is the bsic tool to promote and protect our image.

Here are the 8 principles we follow in order to improve ourselves constantly:

Central role of the Management System

The constant commitment in supporting and being in compliance with the Management System  guarantees continuous improvement over time. Both the Management and the staff must comply with the System as a matter of priority. All staff are involved in improving organization and efficiency.

Involvement of people

The extensive and frequent involvement of employees is the key to continuous improvement of the product and service: therefore, ideas and proposals for improvement must be favored. Each role or function performed in the company is important to achieve the common goal of satisfying the customer and other interested parties.

Leading role of the Manager

Each Manager has the task of coordinating their collaborators, providing them with the necessary information and directing them towards continuous improvement. Each collaborator is responsible for the functions performed and covered by his role and has the task of proposing improvements relating to his function.

Respect for the workplace and the environment

Order, cleanliness of the workplace and respect for the environment are essential aspects of the Management System; maintaining and using diligently the available equipment has always been one of the basic principles of Cartotecnica Moreschini.

Optimized resources and times

Fundamental to the success of the company is to reduce waste and downtime, optimizing production in order to remain competitive on the market.

Clear targets for each area

The Management formalizes the targets for each individual Area, defining timelines, possible markers and details of the assigned tasks. Targets originate from the requirements of the customer and the market, from the data collected and assessed during the analysis of the context and the interested parties, from the assessment of risks and opportunities up to the system review. Each Area Manager must develop their own Quality Targets in compliance with what has been planned.

Involvement of the supply chain

Suppliers must be involved in the improvement program as a link in our production chain.

Continuous training

The success of the company passes through the continuous professional and cultural improvement of people, which also occurs through constant training at all company levels. We are convinced that ethics in business management is a binding principle for its affirmation, as well as a lever to promote and protect our image.