GoBox effect: the pleasure of unboxing

In a constantly evolving world, e-commerce has taken on an increasingly predominant role, also involving small- and medium-sized businesses.

With millions of packages traveling around the world, packaging doesn’t just contain products, but it rather becomes an ambassador of the brand and the values ​​it represents. In this context, Cartotecnica Moreschini presents GoBox, an innovative solution that redefines the concept of shipping packaging, offering not only practicality and eco-sustainability but also an engaging “unboxing” experience.

GoBox represents a turning point in the e-commerce packaging sector. Made of totally recyclable cardboard, it is customizable inside and reusable, thus reducing cardboard waste and promoting practicality and eco-sustainability.

Unboxing: the art of presentation 

The unboxing experience is crucial in the online sales process.

GoBox offers a unique experience that we have called the GoBox Effect, in which opening the package becomes a memorable moment. Thanks to the tear tape system, opening the box is quick and easy, allowing the consumer to fully enjoy the surprise effect. 

The GoBox Effect is precisely this, what transforms a simple unboxing into an extraordinary experience, where the packaging itself becomes an integral part of the product.

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