Reusable packaging: the lives of GoBox

Reusable packaging is a key element in the fight against waste and environmental pollution pursued by the world of packaging.

Using recyclable materials such as paper is in fact essential to promote a sustainable economy and significantly reduce the volume of waste, allowing natural resources to be conserved.

In this context, GoBox by Cartotecnica Moreschini represents a true innovation in the reusable packaging sector. Born as a shipping box, it is in fact designed to be used twice thanks to the presence of a double strip of silicone tape.

The first strip is used by the seller to close the box upon departure, while the second allows the customer to send back any return.

The distinctive features of GoBox

GoBox’s double strip of silicone tape is an ideal solution for reducing cardboard waste, since the same box can always make at least two trips.

Furthermore, GoBox is a highly customizable product: sellers can customize the inside of the box with their own logo and graphics, keeping the outside anonymous, in order to protect the confidentiality of the contents.

GoBox is also completely recyclable, being made with materials compliant with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards. This box can be disposed of in the paper cycle, without the need to remove plastic adhesive tapes, making it an eco-friendly and responsible choice.

Finally, in addition to the double strip of silicone tape, GoBox offers a tear-off tape that allows for more comfortable, precise and faster opening.

Reusable packaging helps the environment and the consumer

The adoption of reusable packaging like GoBox offers numerous advantages, not only to the environment but also to the end consumer.

First, it significantly reduces the amount of waste produced, contributing to a cleaner environment and allowing companies to save on the costs of purchasing new boxes for each shipment.

Reusable packaging also improves brand perception, demonstrating a concrete commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. Choosing solutions like GoBox promotes the circular economy and raises consumer awareness of the importance of reuse and recycling, promoting more conscious and sustainable behaviors.

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