Luxury packaging: Luxe Pack 2024

Luxe Pack is the international reference fair for luxury packaging and takes place annually in the largest global metropolises. This event represents an unmissable opportunity for industry professionals to connect, exchange innovative ideas and discover the latest trends in a highly competitive and sophisticated market.

From cosmetics to fashion, from perfumes to high-end food products, Luxe Pack offers a complete vision of packaging solutions that enhance the products and reflect the excellence of the brand.

This year, on June 4 and 5, 2024, Paris will host the fifth edition of “Édition Spéciale By Luxe Pack” at Le Carreau du Temple. Organized by Infopro Digital, this event is dedicated exclusively to sustainable premium packaging, positioning itself as a reference event for professionals in the sector.

Innovation and sustainability in luxury packaging

Innovation, with particular attention to sustainability, is one of the central themes of Luxe Pack. In an era in which environmental responsibility is of key importance, many companies present solutions that combine luxury and respect for the environment. From recycled and recyclable materials to low-impact production technologies, exhibitors demonstrate how the luxury packaging sector can contribute to a more sustainable future.

In this context, Édition Spéciale By Luxe Pack highlights the importance of eco-design, showing how pervasive this theme is in all industries. The event’s mission is to promote a growing number of sustainable solutions, fostering a dynamic cross-market, collaborative experience in synergy with brands’ strategies. Exhibitors will present techniques and skills developed with the environment in mind, from design to use, from material to its end of life, to support brands in the eco-design of tomorrow’s packaging.

Future trends and prospects

Luxe Pack is also a lab of ideas, where future trends in luxury packaging emerge.

Among the most interesting innovations are the use of augmented reality and digital technologies to create unique and personalized experiences for consumers. Interactive design, which invites the user to explore and discover the product, is also gaining popularity.

Édition Spéciale By Luxe Pack offers an intimate format, ideal for a collaborative innovation experience of this type. Built with and for brands and packaging suppliers, it represents a precious opportunity to bring market players together on eco-design.

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