European Carton Excellence Award 2024

The European Carton Excellence Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the packaging sector in Europe. Founded with the aim of recognizing and celebrating innovation, creativity and sustainability in carton packaging design, this award has a significant impact on the industry and consumer imagination.

With registrations open until May 24, 2024 and the Gala Awards scheduled in Berlin on September 19, 2024, the attention for this year’s edition is very high: we are ready to celebrate the best of sustainable and innovative design!

This year’s topics and categories 

The European Carton Excellence Award continues to foster innovation and sustainability in the carton packaging industry in this edition. too.

Categories include food and beverage packaging, with both virgin and recycled fibers, as well as general packaging with a focus on sustainability. Participants are encouraged to submit projects that embrace circular economy, using renewable and biodegradable materials. 

The awards will focus on the design and environmental and social impact of packaging and will be divided as follows: 

  • Food & Drink packaging – recycled fiber
  • Food & Drink packaging – virgin fiber
  • General Packaging – recycled fiber
  • General Packaging – virgin fiber
  • Sustainability Award
  • Innovation Award

Among the winners of the European Carton Excellence Award 2023 there is also an Italian company.

A lucky edition for Italy, that of the European Carton Excellence Award 2023, in which the so-called Belpaese recorded an exceptional winner. Lucaprint, a packaging company from Vicenza, received the prestigious General Packaging Virgin Fiber Award for its “Replacement Packaging Kit”.

A clean and minimalist packaging solution, made with virgin fiber cardboard, that impressed the jury with its practicality, attention to sustainability and innovative structural design. 

The Carton of the Year award was instead given to the Alzamora Group, which designed packaging using a single piece of virgin fiber cardboard. The jury in fact praised the ability to create a three-dimensional spherical shape, without the use of glue. 

The Public Award and the Sustainability Award were won by the Boardio™ packaging by Graphic Packaging International, for the introduction of a cardboard bottle in the chewing gum sector, with the aim of rewarding the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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