Environmental labels: sustainability must be certified

In a world increasingly attentive to sustainability, companies have come to face the need to demonstrate a constant commitment to eco-friendly practices, verified and monitored by specific environmental labels.

A crucial way to do this is in fact to obtain recognized certifications that attest to the sustainability of their products and processes. These certifications act as a guarantee for consumers and demonstrate respect for the environment and the communities involved.

FSC, EU Ecolabel and other certifications 

Among the most renowned environmental labels is certainly the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a certification that guarantees that wood and forest products come from responsibly managed forests.

To obtain FSC certification, companies must demonstrate compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards along the entire supply chain. This label is a tangible sign of the commitment to forest conservation and ecosystem protection.

In addition to FSC, there are many other important certifications in the packaging sector, such as the EU Ecolabel, a label, recognized at European level, which guarantees that the materials and processes used for the production of packaging comply with rigorous sustainability standards. The EU Ecolabel for packaging indicates that the packaging has been made using materials and processes that reduce the use of natural resources, minimize the emission of harmful substances into the environment and promote recycling and reuse.

In paper and cardboard packaging, there are even more specific certifications such as Aticelca, which ensure that the materials are produced and recycled responsibly, contributing to reducing the overall environmental impact of packaging.

Aticelca and Cartotecnica Moreschini’s attention to environmental labels 

Aticelca is an association that unites technicians and experts in the paper industry, with the aim of providing members with crucial advice and information to optimize paper processing processes.

One of the key tools it uses is the Aticelca 501 system, which evaluates the level of recyclability of cellulose-based products through an in-depth analysis of parameters relevant for recycling. 

Carton Skin by Cartotecnica Moreschini has obtained this prestigious rating, confirming excellent recyclability, with the highest score, level A. The product has successfully passed rigorous recyclability tests, guaranteeing high efficiency from both a technological and economic point of view, with a reject rate of less than 10%.

This result underlines the company’s constant commitment to sustainability, demonstrating the attention and efforts dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices.

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