Best Packaging 2024: increasingly sustainable, innovative and accessible packaging

Milan recently hosted Best Packaging 2024, also known as the Packaging Oscar, a prestigious competition promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute since 1957.

This annual event aims to highlight the most innovative solutions and improvements in the field of packaging, including packaging machines and systems from all over the world. Initially focused on technological aspects and practicality for the consumer, the contest has evolved over the years, to embrace increasingly current and relevant topics for the industry.

Best Packaging 2024: Accessibility and Innovation

In 2024, the Best Packaging Award focused on the theme of accessibility, reflecting on the importance of making products and packaging easily accessible and usable for a wide range of users.

Accessibility and inclusive packaging include both the material aspect – such as facilitated opening and the ergonomics of the packaging – and the immaterial one, such as the clarity of reported information and immediate identification of the product.

In this edition, the competitors presented innovative solutions capable of embracing these facets, designing packaging that facilitates the consumer experience and promotes inclusiveness.

The winners between excellence and sustainability 

The winners of Best Packaging 2024 were announced during the awards ceremony, highlighting the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the packaging sector.

Among the winners, solutions such as “Puro Mono Film” by Di Mauro Group, a mono-material up pouch stand for personal care products that facilitates the use of the contents until they are completely exhausted, and “WaveBag 3D” by Offmar Srl, a mono-material microwave cardboard pouch for e-commerce with intuitive and effective opening, definitely stand out. 

Another special mention goes to “Freezy Peel” by ITP – Industria Termoplastica Pavese SpA, a bag for frozen foods equipped with easy opening, which eliminates the need to use scissors, by inviting to open through an infographic on the front of the packaging. 

These projects, along with the other award winners, demonstrate the industry’s continued commitment to creating packaging solutions that not only facilitate the consumer experience, but also that respect the environment and promote long-term sustainability.

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