Skin pack: food packaging saves freshness

Skin pack is a new packaging system, particularly suitable for fresh products, in order to guarantee optimal and prolonged conservation.

The risk associated with this type of products is their limited lifespan, but thanks to this innovative type of packaging, it’s now possible to overcome this challenge.

The principle underlying the operation of this packaging is the vacuum created through the application of a protective film that adheres to the food and the tray on which it is placed, fitting like a second “skin”.

This method significantly extends the shelf life of the product, while also reducing the waste of both space and material used. A significant advantage in favor of producers, of buyers and also of the environment.

The sensation of freshness is also perceivable visually. Unlike other types of packaging, the skin pack allows you to view the product safely, highlighting the features of the food.

Carton Skin: the future of packaging

Cartotecnica Moreschini wanted to invest in this new type of food packaging, by giving life to Carton Skin, a line of cardboard trays designed exclusively for skin packs.

An affordable, sustainable and recyclable support, which encourages customers and consumers to make an aware and responsible choice, more especially with a view to reducing, where and when it’s possible, one’s own impact on the environment.

It can be said that the future of food packaging looks bright, with innovations such as the “skin pack” which revolutionize the preservation of fresh products. However, this type of innovation must be accompanied by the choice of suitable materials and in step with the needs and sensitivity of the times we live in. Therefore, the commitment to more sustainable and functional solutions takes cardboard packaging is at the center of a path towards a more efficient food sector, environmentally friendly and consumer-oriented.

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