Go Box effect: the unboxing you don’t expect

What does “doing the unboxing mean?

For those who are not accustomed to using social media, and therefore unfamiliar with their language and widespread trends, the term unboxing refers to the moment in which the content creator unpacks a package and reveals its contents.

An action that in reality all of us carry out in our daily lives, just think of the moment when, after making an online purchase, the package is delivered to our home and, impatiently, we rush to open it.

Obviously, the purposes are very different: if, on one hand, the objective is to create an entertaining content in which the products received are shown (regardless of whether they were bought or received as a gift), also focusing on the aesthetic care of the packaging, on the other you simply want to unpack the object.

Recently, following the spread of dedicated stories and videos on social media, unboxing has taken on an important value for everyone, a truly fundamental step in the purchasing experience.

As a consequence, many companies, especially those that sell online, have worked to make this moment increasingly pleasant and instagrammable”.


By choosing customizable and visually appealing boxes, such as Go Box, the shipping box designed by Cartotecnica Moreschini.

Go Box: personalized cardboard boxes

Go Box is an innovative shipping box that offers the possibility of customizing and embellishing the internal part with logo, patterns and writings.

The only detail to remain anonymous is the exterior, designed to guarantee greater confidentiality and protection for the contents.

A tailor-made box capable not only of keeping the products safe, but also of making an “outward” journey and a “return” one, in the event of a return, thanks to the double silicone strip.

In short, sustainable and recyclable packaging.

Make the unboxing moment unique

Not just any cardboard box, but a small chest, designed to store the products and give the recipient a memorable experience.

In fact, each Go Box produced is one of a kind thanks to the high level of customization.

Choosing Go Box as packaging for one’s products is equivalent to transforming unboxing into a moment of contact between brand and customer and making the online shopping experience on par with that in store.

This is the Go Box effect: a box that shocks, amazes and excites!

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