E-commerce: the debut of Moreschini’s online purchase website

We all know e-commerce and we all use it daily, for our online purchases.

Adopted by most B2C commercial entities and becoming an indispensable means for sales, today it is also increasingly used by B2B companies.

How come?

The e-commerce platform facilitates and improves the purchasing experience, which can be carried out in complete autonomy, without time and place constraints.

Cartotecnica Moreschini also wanted to implement its own digital shop, which will be online shortly, for the sale of Carton Skin, the new frontier of food packaging, with the desire to offer an even faster and more flexible service, where the customer is the creator of the own purchase.

Let’s see together how it will be structured and how it will work.

The e-commerce platform dedicated to Carton Skin

Carton Skin is an innovative cardboard tray which, thanks to skin pack packaging, protects and increases the shelf-life of food.

A safe and reliable product, that will soon be purchasable directly on the dedicated e-commerce section of Moreschini’s website.

Accessing it will be very simple: just go to the landing page reserved for Carton Skin and after an introductory part with pictures, videos and product specifications, you will be able to access the shop part.

Once inside, you can select the desired size, format, theme and quantity, and then proceed with sending the order.

A service designed to facilitate and speed up the purchase process for small producers and small-medium sized businesses that need food packaging for their fresh products.

Obviously, even if you can place your order completely independently, you are never left alone: the possibility of contacting the Moreschini team for any need or eventuality will always be possible and suggested.

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