Avoid material waste with GoBox

If there is one thing that often strikes when you receive a package, it is the discrepancy between the size of the purchased item and the box that contains it. It’s like opening a treasure in a safe, a real waste of material.

Over-packaging or “excess packaging” is a widespread problem, especially in the world of e-commerce, sometimes it seems that there is more packaging than actual product.
Thinking about this problem, Cartotecnica Moreschini has created gobox, an innovative solution for the e-commerce sector. These shipping boxes not only drastically reduce the overuse of material but also offer the ability to customize packaging.

In addition, choosing to use gobox means taking a step towards sustainability. These boxes are made from materials that are completely recyclable in paper, following the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Each box thus becomes a small step towards a lighter ecological footprint.

Material waste: the sustainable impact of GoBox

One of the biggest challenges for online sellers is to manage returns efficiently.
Gobox makes this process incredibly simple thanks to its “round trip” feature. Each box has a double strip of silicone tape: one to close the initial shipment and one for the customer who wants to return the item.

This feature not only simplifies the customer’s life, but also helps reduce carton waste. The same box can be used for two shipments, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable distribution chain.

GoBox as a sustainable marketing tool

In addition to practicality and sustainability, gobox offers a unique opportunity for branding and marketing. The inside of the boxes can in fact be completely customized with logo, colors and corporate messages. This means that every time a customer opens a package they are immersed in the brand experience.

What we have called the “GoBox” effect becomes a memorable moment, a tangible experience of the brand’s value and identity. In an era where unboxing videos dominate social media, having distinctive packaging can make all the difference in getting noticed and creating customer loyalty.

Gobox is therefore not positioned as a simple shipping box but as an effective solution that addresses the problems of over-packaging, simplifies returns, promotes sustainability and offers a unique marketing opportunity. With its innovative and future-oriented approach, gobox is an ideal partner for companies that want to make a difference in the world of e-commerce, reducing waste and leaving a sustainable footprint.

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