Go-box: customized boxes for your online products 

Are you a company that sells online and would like to make custom boxes?
Go Box is the solution you are looking for!

Cardboard boxes specially designed by Cartotecnica Moreschini to ship, protect and enhance your products.

A packaging able to guarantee security, confidentiality, and wonder; let’s see together what are the peculiarities that distinguish it and make it unique.

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Safe cardboard boxes for you and the environment

Thanks to the anonymous outer coating and the silicone closure, Go Box tkeeps the contents away from prying eyes and hands, reducing the risk of theft.

Silicone, in fact, is considered the safest type, so much so as to be used by large companies that distribute around the world.

In Go Box there is a double closure formed by two strips, which allow the same box to make two trips: the delivery one and (in case) the return one.

In addition, being made of cardboard you can conveniently differentiate in the paper collection.

An advantageous choice for you and the environment.

Start designing your own custom boxes, bring your Go Box to life

When creating your Go Box, design custom boxes for your product.

You can choose from six formats (snap bottom, self-held, four corners, six corners, envelope and book) and adapt the size to those of the object contained.

In addition to this you can indulge in the customization of the interior, where you can add images, patterns, logos and writings.
In this way a simple cardboard box will become a precious treasure chest, which will make those who receive it try the unique experience of the Go Box Effect!

On the occasion of the launch of this product, Cartotecnica Moreschini will soon open on its website a landing page dedicated to Go Box, with images, videos and useful information on the most famous custom boxes of the network.

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