Carton Skin: the food packaging revolution 

 Welcome to the new frontier of food packaging designed by Cartotecnica Moreschini.

A product that will revolutionize the food packaging sector, redefining the standards of quality and shelf life of food.

It is a cardboard tray made with certified materials and procedures, which guarantee the safety and healthiness of the foods it comes into contact with.

This, thanks to the skin pack packaging, therefore to the vacuum application of a transparent film in direct contact with the fresh product, is able to increase the shelf-life of the food and guarantee greater quality.

Furthermore, Carton Skin is a sustainable and cutting-edge packaging, which can be easily disposed of in paper collection.

packaging alimentare

More than just packaging: a way to differentiate your product 

Beyond the technical characteristics linked to the preservation of the organoleptic properties of the products, Carton Skin also stands out from other types of packaging from an aesthetic point of view.

It is much lighter than other packages and, as it does not have excess air, it takes up less space, both on the supermarket shelves and in the fridge at home.

Furthermore, the tray becomes a means through which to enhance your product and your brand. This, in fact, is available in different colors and sizes, so that it can be combined and highlighted with any type of food.

Among many anonymous and identical packaging, choosing the skin pack and choosing Carton Skin, the food packaging innovation, makes the difference.

 But the news doesn’t end here!

Cartotecnica Moreschini wanted to make the purchase of Carton skin as simple and fast as possible by creating a dedicated e-commerce, where soon it will be possible you can place your order at any time and in complete autonomy.

Just go to the Moreschini website and visit the landing page reserved for Carton Skin, with all the useful information on the product and how it works.

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