Cardboard boxes: alternative uses and creative recycling

More and more often, especially with the progressive decrease in plastic packaging and non-recyclable materials in general, we find ourselves overwhelmed by cardboard boxes.

An accumulation also due to the increase in online purchases, which bring numerous shipping packages into our homes every day.

How to get rid of it?

Beyond the classic disposal, there are many solutions, ideas and things to do with cardboard, to give a second life to this versatile and easy-to-work material, which can not only be recycled but also reused.

Let’s see together some ways to recover cardboard packaging in a creative way.

Let’s discover how to recycle a box together 

Where do we start?

To give a second life to a box, you must first observe its dimensions, so as to better visualize the new intended use.

The smaller ones are perfect for making pretty jewelry boxes, in which to store your jewelry.

Always with a view to organization and tidying up, the medium-sized boxes can be covered and used as organizers for the wardrobe or for stationery, becoming precious space-saving allies.

It doesn’t end here, you can make many objects: carnival costumes, kennels for your animals, frames, pen holders, bookmarks, place cards, folders and much more.

Thanks to the numerous online resources, such as videos and articles, creative recycling has become an activity within everyone’s reach.

It is not necessary to have great manual skills: very often, in fact, this type of craft with recycled materials is also done by younger children, to help them stimulate their imagination and manual skills.

Starting to think from a perspective of reuse, as well as sustainable disposal, is certainly the best way to avoid unnecessary waste and superfluous purchases, especially when you have the opportunity to choose.

After all, it doesn’t take much to transform old cardboard boxes into something new and useful.

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