Cardboard displays: elegance and efficiency are finally sustainable

Paper and cardboard, as we know, are extremely versatile, sustainable and inexpensive materials that allow you to create customized solutions for the specific needs of each occasion.

This is why cardboard displays for exhibitions and events are becoming increasingly popular, revolutionizing the trade fair world and combining elegance, efficiency and sustainability in functional and recyclable products.

Sceneries, installations and themed showcases made entirely of cardboard: let’s discover together the future of exhibition design and the communication potential of using paper and cardboard.

Why choose paper and cardboard?

The use of cardboard set-ups for exhibitions and events is very common and offers numerous advantages from both an environmental and a practical and aesthetic point of view.

First and foremost, paper and cardboard are very light materials that are extremely convenient for temporary set-ups for exhibitions and events. They are easy to transport, assemble and dismantle, and favor greater flexibility in the organization of exhibition spaces.

But won’t cardboard fittings be too delicate for an exhibition context?

Absolutely not! Cardboard can be very strong and stable when it is designed and constructed correctly. In fact, there are specific types of cardboard, such as double-wall cardboard or corrugated cardboard, that offer greater strength and durability for displays.

Let’s not forget that cardboard can be easily cut, folded, shaped and printed to create customized structures to suit the theme of the exhibition, event and different design and layout requirements.

What’s more, cardboard can be easily printed and customized with graphics and logos to create an eye-catching visual impact. This feature makes it possible to communicate messages, promote brands and highlight specific elements of the situation in question.

Paper and cardboard are also environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. By using them, you can help reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials and disposable plastic, thus significantly limiting your environmental impact.

Last but not least, the cost of cardboard fittings is much lower than other materials used for fittings, such as wood or metal. For all these reasons, either paper or cardboard is a cost-effective choice even for temporary set-ups or projects with a limited budget.

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