Self-assembling box: simple, functional and customizable

The self-assembling box, also known as drop-down box or crash-bottom box, is a type of cardboard packaging that assembles automatically without requiring the use of tape or other forms of external sealing. Designed to be quick and easy to assemble, self-assembling boxes offer cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions for a variety of products, such  food, beverages, cosmetics, electronic products, and so on. GoBox, our customizable cardboard box, perfect for ecommerce, is a self-assembling box, too: practical, resistant and sustainable, GoBox enhances the goods to be delivered, the seller’s image and the customer’s customer experience.

Self-assembling box: benefits, operation and use

A self-assembling box consists of a single sheet of collapsible cardboard, usually pre-cut and pre-punched to allow for easy folding and assembly. When you pull lightly on the opposite sides of the box, the hinges are activated and the box opens automatically, forming a three-dimensional structure, without the use of tools or adhesives. In the world of packaging, self-assembling boxes are particularly appreciated for their ease of use and the possibility of reducing packaging times in a production line. In addition, self-assembling boxes offer enormous advantages in terms of saving on the surface used during transport and storage, because they can be folded when not in use, taking up less space and consequently reducing shipping and storage costs. Self-assembling boxes are available in different sizes and shapes and promote customization of the packaging, adapting to the specific needs of the product in question.

GoBox: protecting without sacrificing style

GoBox was born from the need to respond to the needs of the e-commerce market: practical, resistant, recyclable and eco-sustainable, in fact it remains anonymous on the outside so as to protect the privacy of those who receive the package, but its size is completely customizable, also on the inside. GoBox’s total customization is a fundamental feature of the Cartotecnica Moreschini product: in addition to underlining the uniqueness of the box, it is in fact able to involve consumers, communicate effectively, adapt to market needs, create a positive experience for the customer and promote sustainability. Go Box also responds to another important need of e-commerce: those who buy online expect to be able to send the goods back easily, especially in the clothing and footwear sector. GoBox satisfies this silent request, giving the final consumer the possibility of returning the product by reusing the same box in which he received it. In fact, the box has a double strip of silicone tape: the first is used by the seller to close the box upon departure; the second to the customer for the return. The same package can therefore make two trips, facilitating the return of the goods and reducing the waste of cardboard.

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