Packaging design: 2023 trends

Packaging design is a creative and strategic process, involving the design and creation of efficient, functional and attractive packaging, combining elements of graphic design, industrial design, marketing and branding.
To create products that respect all these characteristics, the world of packaging has to respond annually to different trends that can guide the market towards some product choices rather than others.

The 2023 trends follow the creative trend of recent years, with an even more marked imprint on sustainability, innovation and multi-sensorial approach, the three keys to success in the current packaging world.

Packaging design: not just appearance

The most common mistake made by those who are not used to the packaging market is to consider packaging design as a “furnishing component” of an already consolidated sector such as the packaging one.

This misconception and generalist associated with the term in fact leads many users to consider the design as an additional feature, distant from the primary functionality of the product to which it is combined.

Now, let’s try and be clear. 

First of all, packaging design plays a vital role in defining the so-called brand identity. Not only must it reflect the brand’s personality, values ​​and history, but it has the task of creating a visual experience that is coherent with its overall image. The studied use of colors, shapes and graphics can in fact contribute to the creation of an immediate recognition of the brand, establishing an emotional bond with consumers.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, however, packaging design must respond to the primary needs of the market, guaranteeing product protection. For this reason it must be designed to adapt to the size, shape and characteristics of the product itself, providing adequate protection during handling, transport and storage, as well as an intuitive user experience for the consumer.

The relationship established between the product and the consumer is fueled by the visual communication provided by the packaging design which allows important information to be transmitted to its final user. Through the use of labels, icons, illustrations, text and images, design is in fact able to communicate important details about the product, consolidating an informed purchasing process.

Innovation is absolutely the “trend that never goes out of style”.

A unique, creative and original design captures the attention of consumers and sets the item apart from the competition. The use of innovative shapes, materials or opening systems then creates a visual and tactile impact that makes the product memorable and desirable.

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention sustainability: an increasingly important factor in the industrial market in recent years.

In fact, companies are looking for eco-friendly solutions, using recyclable, biodegradable or sustainable source materials. Again, the design helps to optimize the use of materials, reduce waste and improve efficiency in packaging and distribution.

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