Customized food packaging: Carton Skin’s revolution

When we talk about customized food packaging, we refer to the use of specifically designed and customized packaging to combine the optimal conservation of food products and the communication strategy developed by the manufacturing company.

This kind of packaging is created both to meet the specific needs of the product and to give the company a voice in its indirect communicative approach with the consumer, offering a unique packaging experience.

Carton Skin, the food packaging by Cartotecnica Moreschini, is a fully customizable cardboard blister that favors a vacuum preservation system capable of keeping meat, cured meats and any other fresh product perfectly intact.

Let’s find it out together.

Carton Skin: safeguarding, communicating and protecting the environment

In order to meet the growing request for customized food packaging, Cartotecnica Moreschini has launched Carton Skin, the cardboard skin pack solution for packaging fresh products.

Carton skin is a cardboard packaging that optimally defends the organoleptic characteristics of fresh foods (such as meat and fish), preserves their natural color and increases their “shelf life”: some types of fresh meat can in fact be kept for up to 28 days.

Specifically, the packaging inside the Moreschini skin pack requires a film to adhere to the product with vacuum technology. In a second step, the film is sealed to the lower support to allow the hermetic closure of the package. Thus, the film becomes a “second skin” for the product, protecting and preserving it for longer.

Carton Skin is produced using certified materials and procedures, which guarantee the safety and wholesomeness of the foods it comes into contact with and promote differentiation in paper collection.

The material with which it is made also offers the possibility of printing on the entire surface of the package, making the most of the graphics and brand, for a unique, captivating and attractive result.

Personalized food packaging: no longer just one among many

Custom food packaging is gaining more and more acceptance within the food packaging industry.

In such a competitive market, the possibility of making a product unique and captivating while guaranteeing its original organoleptic properties is in fact an opportunity not to be missed.

In fact, customized food packaging allows companies to create a distinctive identity and effectively communicate their brand to consumers.

This is why customized designs, colours, logos and graphics no longer represent a simple additional communication style but are able to strengthen the company’s brand awareness.

Plus, this type of packaging then allows you to create packaging that is perfectly suited to the specific food product: the packaging in question is in fact designed to adequately preserve the food, maintain its freshness and prevent contamination.

All of this greatly improves the overall consumer experience.

An attractive design, practical opening, ease of use and clear information on the product favor the creation of an emotional bond with the buyer, increasing recognition of the manufacturer and loyalty to the brand.

Last but not least, customized food packaging integrates the fundamental aspect of sustainability, emphasizing the use of eco-friendly, recyclable or compostable materials capable of reducing the overall environmental impact of food packaging.

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