Inclusive packaging: when the product is accessible to everyone

We have been supporting it for some time: the ideal packaging preserves the product, keeping it safe, satisfying its needs and communicating its main characteristics.

These properties highlight the close bond that is established between consumer and article: the usability of the product attracts the buyer and retains him, confirming the importance of comfort and customization of the goods.

The concept of inclusive packaging develops on this paradigm: a packaging suitable for anyone, easily accessible even to the elderly or people with disabilities.

Inclusive packaging: the brightest examples

Investigating the delicate issue of inclusive packaging satisfies the basic objective of packaging: to protect and enhance not only the product, but also the customer who buys it.

In fact, packaging within everyone’s reach reassures and safeguards not only the article but also the consumer, who in turn feels considered, included and gratified.

Furthermore, inclusive packages stimulate creativity and ingenuity, not only improving the functionality of the packaging but becoming real points of reference in the sector.

For example, the packaging created by Bodega y Viñedos Maires, the Spanish family-run winery that has dedicated the Ademán line of wines to consumers with a certain degree of visual impairment, is simple and absolutely ingenious.

The labels of the Ademán bottles (“gesture” in Spanish) depict images of clearly visible gestures that represent the stages of people’s lives. All accompanied by the presence of braille writing, the reading system for blind people.

Intuitive and extremely functional is also the packaging created by the North American company Consumer Convenience Technologies, the first aluminum screw lid in the world, designed for people who have to deal with loss of strength or grip difficulties.

The cap of the jar is characterized by the presence of a button which, when pressed, breaks the vacuum in the package and allows the lid to turn more easily.

Thanks to innovation and new technologies, inclusive packaging is making many steps forward not only in food packaging but in many other sectors, demonstrating the strong attention of the packaging world towards integration and inclusiveness.

source: Pixar Printing 

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