GoBox: much more than a cardboard box

GoBox is the sustainable, customizable and reusable cardboard box made by Cartotecnica Moreschini.

Mainly designed for the increasingly important e-commerce sector, GoBox is an innovative line of shipping boxes, designed for companies that sell online and are not satisfied with the classic and anonymous packaging.

Practical, resistant, sustainable and customizable, GoBox enhances the goods to be delivered, the seller’s image and the customer’s experience.

Not only that, GoBox allows the final consumer to return the product by reusing the same box in which he received it: let’s find out how together.

Round trip with GoBox

In total respect of the idea embraced by Cartotecnica Moreschini of sustainable packaging, GoBox is the cardboard box that gives the final consumer the possibility of returning the product by reusing the same box in which he received it.

In fact, the box has a double strip of silicone tape: the first is used by the seller to close the box upon departure; the second to the customer for the return. The same package can therefore go there and back, in a round trip that makes the return of the goods easier and reduces the waste of cardboard.

This makes GoBox the perfect cardboard box for e-commerce and for anyone who wants to personalize the inside of the package, keeping it anonymous on the outside. In this way, the seller’s brand will be immediately recognizable and the customer’s shopping experience more complete.

With GoBox, even the unpacking experience is out of the ordinary: to make opening the package even easier, Cartotecnica Moreschini offers the option of applying a tear-off tape to the box. The tear tape system provides a guide on the tear area, allowing for a more precise and faster opening of the carton. The final consumer will thus be able to save himself useless efforts or the use of scissors or knives.

Those who choose GoBox, therefore, also choose to be responsible towards the planet’s resources: GoBox in fact helps the environment, because reusing it avoids wasting a second box.

The GoBox cardboard box is the culmination of a controlled process: the entire wood-paper supply chain involved in its creation operates through environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management.

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