Food packaging: food-friendly paper

The definition of food packaging includes all packages capable of containing food, of any type, respecting and preserving its characteristics.

And yet, despite handling large quantities of it every day, we often ignore the functions that food packaging must perform: in addition to preserving the food, in fact, the packaging must preserve its properties as much as possible.

For this to happen, it is therefore necessary to choose the right material with which to make the packaging: paper and cardboard, which have always been friends with food, are resistant and recyclable materials, perfect for product preservation and as a communication tool.

food packaging

Protect and communicate: the advantages of paper

The fundamental function of food packaging is undoubtedly to contain food. This will seem like a trivial consideration, but it’s not. In fact, food packaging must take into account the size of the product, its consistency and any interactions between food and packaging material.

In this, paper and cardboard, as demonstrated by the packaging of Cartotecnica Moreschini, are great friends of food: resistant and customizable, according to customer requests, they are ecological and recyclable.

In addition to protection and transport packaging has another important function: it is an effective marketing tool.

Yes, because when it comes to packaging, especially food packaging, the buyer pays close attention to the design of the package which must therefore be able to offer a quality experience and strengthen the bond between the brand and customers.

In fact, packaging is the physical representation of a brand’s personality, a key identity tool. It helps to draw the consumer’s attention to a specific product in an increasingly crowded market.

Communication also passes through materials. It being understood that food packaging materials must be absolutely safe and non-toxic, they should also be biodegradable, compostable or recyclable.

Sustainable packaging can in fact be an excellent incentive to purchase!

Carton Skin and Moreschini skin packaging

The great challenge of this type of packaging has always been to preserve the original properties of the food in question as much as possible, keeping it unaltered.

A mission, the one chased for some time, which may have finally found a place in Skin Packaging, an innovative packaging method that allows long periods of conservation and unchanged product quality.

Carton Skin by Cartotecnica Moreschini responds to the needs of food packaging by guaranteeing a packaging capable of maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the product unchanged and considerably reducing the overall dimensions.

Thus, the film becomes a “second skin” for the product, protecting and preserving it for longer.

The “skin” solution also stands out from the point of view of communication: with an entirely printable surface, skin packaging has the potential to be very captivating, making the most of graphics and branding.

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