Pharmaceutical packaging: GIPEA launches the label alarm

Pharmaceutical packaging is a difficult and delicate sector, dedicated to the creation of drug packaging, in compliance with the numerous safety standards imposed. In the vast agglomeration of regulations that concern it, the appropriate use of pharmaceutical labels certainly represents one of the most significant complexities: made and printed in compliance with strict legislative standards, they have the task of guaranteeing the safety, traceability and usability of the drug. Despite their importance, their production has been deeply affected by the difficulty of finding raw materials, putting the supply chain of many production chains in crisis.

Labelling: traceability, safety and usability

Pharmaceutical packaging requires the presence of printed and personalized labels, according to strict legislative criteria. Choosing the right label is therefore essential to ensure product safety and usability, as well as to avoid incurring heavy administrative fines. When it comes to pharmaceutical labeling there are several factors to take into consideration: type, surface, migration and legibility are details that require extreme attention and whose final purpose is to safeguard the patient’s health. For this reason, each label, before being selected, must pass specific tests, aimed at determining its suitability. The most marked difficulty in the pharmaceutical labeling sector is certainly that relating to migration, i.e. the possibility of contamination of the medicine. Every detail, even the most irrelevant that comes into contact with the medicine, could in fact alter its chemical and physical components, changing its composition. Therefore, the choice of material and printing technology cannot be casual: every detail has its value, regulated by intransigent legislative criteria.

Pharmaceutical packaging: the crisis of the supply chain

GIPEA has launched the label alarm, following the heavy shortage of raw materials which has exposed the supply chains of various industrial sectors to great risk. The Italian Group of Self-Adhesive Label Producers has in fact highlighted the consequences caused by the heavy increase in costs and the lack of reference material, exponentially extending delivery times. According to GIPEA analyses, the food and pharmaceutical sectors will be affected above all by this situation, causing significant repercussions on final consumers. The crisis, which also extended to Europe, therefore forced GIPEA to write to the competent political authorities, urging them to find an urgent solution.

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