Pharmaceutical packaging: guaranteeing safety for care and for the environment

Pharmaceutical packaging is a complex and delicate sector, dedicated as it is to the creation of drug packaging, in compliance with the numerous safety standards imposed.

The operations involving it are characterized by extremely diligent measures, with regard to the complete protection of the final product.

Ensuring the safety of treatment is the main objective of this type of packaging: the fate of all of us, in a way, in fact depends on the success of its transport and its safeguarding.

Types of packaging

The vast and complex pharmaceutical packaging sector is structured into three major packaging groups:

– The primary packaging has the objective of protecting the item in question, guaranteeing its safety and avoiding its damage.

– The secondary packaging, on the other hand, has an informative function. In addition to including a higher number of products, it contains the information necessary for the consumer to use the drug in the most correct way.

– The last type is devoted to tertiary packaging, which makes the drug recognizable, diversifying it from other medical products.

Adequately knowing these important distinctions is useful for trying to understand the enormous work behind what may seem like a simple drug package.  

In reality, pharmaceutical packaging is an incredibly complex and sensitive industry, characterized by an intense spirit of innovation and constant progress.

Cartotecnica Moreschini and pharmaceutical packaging 

Pharmaceutical companies have always also used plastic for the accessory packaging of their products: trays or internal containers for storing vials.

This material, not being biodegradable, must however be constantly and meticulously separated from the outer carton, so as to be duly disposed of so as not to contribute to the deterioration of the environmental condition of our planet. Its use therefore needs to be reconsidered.

With the aim of facilitating the delivery and disposal of packaging, Cartotecnica Moreschini studies, designs and realizes alternative solutions in cardboard for the replacement of plastic trays and interiors, completely replaceable on pharmaceutical production packaging lines.

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