Packaging for cosmetics: why choose cardboard?

Over the years, packaging for cosmetics has gained ever more evident importance.

With the increase in the quality of the products as well as of the level, distinguishing oneself and effectively communicating one’s particularities has become as important as the actual realization of the goods.

Furthermore, as for pharmaceutical packaging, in addition to the elegance of the packaging, the packaging must comply with strict and often “limiting” provisions: hygiene, safety and total respect for the environment.

Cardboard is sustainable, safe and customizable

Cosmetic packaging involves a wide range of products. From make-up to perfume, to the more “classic” body creams, each item is designed and created with the aim of enhancing our external armor, increasing well-being and relaxation.

Precisely for this reason, the attention paid to the packaging of these items is even more meticulous: communicating value, quality and safety in fact becomes the most effective key to distinguishing yourself.

From such a competitive perspective, cardboard packaging becomes the number one ally for the protection of the product and the environment: easily workable and customizable, it is also totally recyclable.

In fact, more and more cosmetics manufacturers are deciding to rely on cardboard packaging to make the packages of their goods. This choice motivates important investments in the communication sector, even the most extravagant one, easily reproducible on the packaging of their choice.

Cartotecnica Moreschini and packaging for cosmetics

Cartotecnica Moreschini offers a vast choice of packaging intended for the protection of cosmetic products: counter displays, make-up cases, packaging for bottles and any other type of packaging dedicated to enhancing cosmetics.

The packaging is made according to the customer’s needs, with the aim of satisfying every request and with the awareness of being able to make any type of customization.

These operations are possible thanks to the use of innovative technologies and the great experience gained by the employees of this historic paper converting company, founded in 1954 and since then involved in an evolutionary process full of creativity and innovation.

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