Cosmopack in Bologna and the progress of cosmetic packaging

Cosmopack is one of the sections of Cosmoprof Bologna, the international exhibition of beauty and aesthetics, which will be held at Bologna Fiere from 16 to 20 March and will count an approximate number of 220,000 visitors.

Dedicated precisely to cosmetic packaging and to everything directly and indirectly related to the world of beauty, Cosmopack will intrigue the audience with innovative ideas and revolutionary packaging.

Cosmopack: the innovations brought about by the Packaging Valley

The significant number of visitors and exhibitors expected at Cosmoprof demonstrates the great interest that the world of beauty in general and cosmetic packaging in particular have gained over time.

Cosmopack, which will enchant the halls of BolognaFiere from 16 to 18 March, aims to show the progress made in the cosmetic packaging sector, revealing results, ideas and future projects.

Strengthened by one of the many names given to the Bologna area, the so-called Packaging Valley has always contributed to the conception and improvement of packaging technologies.

Knowledge and kills developed thanks to training and experience, particularly useful to the complex cosmetic packaging sector, which must respect, more strictly than others, diligent standards of hygiene, safety, innovation and sustainability.

Cosmetic packaging: the involvement of the paper-converting industry

One of the most frequent requests in recent years is to reduce the use of plastic in the packaging sector, especially in the cosmetic one.

Manufacturing and producing articles dedicated to preserving the skin by protecting them with covers that destroy the environment, is in fact an ethically and concretely incorrect nonsense.

To meet this need, cosmetic packaging has long relied on the paper-converting sector, with the aim of reducing the use of non-recyclable materials as much as possible and the consequent impact of the reference companies on the environment.

As we well know, cardboard packaging is in fact biodegradable and absorbs carbon dioxide, considerably limiting the degree of environmental pollution.

Cardboard packaging is safe and durable, and incredibly easy to personalize.

How many cardboard packaging will we see at Cosmopack? We’ll find it out from 16 to 18 March, at Bologna Fiere.

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