Ecological and recycled paper: what difference does it make?

Sustainability is a topic that has been widely explored, accepted and internalized by most of the industrial activities on the planet.

Yet, although it represents a completely assimilated concept today, there is still a lot of confusion regarding some issues that concern it.

For example, did you know that ecological and recycled paper are two distinct concepts?

Corporate sustainability: innovation and respect for the environment

Italy is the European leader in paper recycling, demonstrating our nation’s strong interest in the environment and the world around us.

Companies, from the smallest to those with thousands of employees, see sustainability as the trump card for evolving, bringing their realities to incredibly advanced levels of technology and innovation.

In the paper converting sector, there is a great deal of attention towards sustainability: the material used is largely recyclable and the efforts made to ensure that the industrial activity respects the planet are constantly increasing, offering optimal results.

Even in our area, however, the controversies regarding sustainability are numerous. The confusion related to the difference between ecological paper and recycled paper is a prime example.

Consequently, let’s do some clarity.

Ecological paper and recycled paper: the difference

By ecological paper we mean that paper produced through the use of cellulose, obtained from wood that comes only from FSC certified forests. The FSC certification ensures that the reference raw material comes from forests where precise environmental, economic and social standards have been respected.

These standards refer to the correct management of the activities carried out in the forests, activities which must take full account of the environmental impact of deforestation phenomena as well as the complete absence of harmful substances during the manufacturing processes.

Recycled paper, on the other hand, is obtained from the recycling of paper materials and can be subjected to further processing such as, for example, bleaching.

Ecological paper and recycled paper are therefore two different types of paper: both linked to environmental sustainability, they are characterized by a different origin and processing.

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