Aticelca 501: the degree of recyclability of paper

The Aticelca 501 system is an evaluation method capable of determining the level of recyclability of cellulose-based products.

The certification is issued at the end of a careful analysis of the most significant parameters inherent in the recycling process.

Carton Skin by Cartotecnica Moreschini has recently earned the Aticelca 501 Evaluation, deserving a very high level of recyclability, level A.

What is Aticelca?

Aticelca is the association that brings together technicians and experts who work in the paper industry.

Its purpose is to offer members indispensable suggestions and information for improving paper processing methods.

Aticelca 501 was therefore born from the need to reduce waste from packaging, implementing the creation of highly recyclable packaging.

By communicating to the final consumer the effective recyclability of the packaging, previously proven through specific tests, we therefore try to guide the companies towards a change shared by all.

The main purpose of this certification is finally to embrace the circular economy project, putting the environment and its health in the foreground, which is, consequently, ours too.

Aticelca 501: sticker conquered by Cartotecnica Moreschini

The meticulous work on Carton Skin by Cartotecnica Moreschini has recently earned the Aticelca 501 evaluation, responding more than positively to the strict recyclability tests adopted on the product.

Based on the outcome of the tests, Carton Skin was awarded level A of recyclability, an incredibly high rating and a reason for great satisfaction.

According to the analyzes the product is therefore recyclable efficiently, both from a technological and economic point of view. In fact, its recycling involves a waste of less than 10%.

An important satisfaction that achieved by Cartotecnica Moreschini, the result of studies, sacrifices and a lot of attention to sustainability.

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