Gift wrap: where to throw it?

The holiday season is a time full of joy and sharing but also, unfortunately, of great waste.

The gift wrap, even of the most particular kind, is the first to be eliminated, often causing a lot of indecision about its “destiny”.

In fact, once the gift has been unpacked, the paper is usually thrown away. But where?

Let’s find it out together.

Plastic-mixed gift wrap  

Not all gift wraps are the same and above all, not all paper packages are actually made entirely of paper.

In fact, it often happens that the packaging is characterized by additional properties such as glossy and golden effects that are almost impossible to confer with the sole use of cellulose.

In these cases, therefore, the use of plastic is almost inevitable, making the final packaging a mixture of paper and plastic and, therefore, non-recyclable.

In this situation, the package must be thrown away in the dry or in the undifferentiated waste.

Recycled gift wrap: the best solution for the environment

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When your gift wrap is completely made of paper, however, there are no problems: it can be thrown directly into the paper bin.

The only suggestion we would like to give you is to pay attention and then eliminate any glue and scotch residue, often present in gift packages.

A further tip is to consider, if possible, recycled gift wrap, using, for example, newspaper sheets, bread bags, shoe boxes or packing material for packaging.

In fact, every year, just during the Christmas period, there is an excessive increase in waste production, which is absolutely harmful to our planet.

Using recycled gift wrap may seem like a small step for humans, but it’s a giant leap for the environment!

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