Food packaging: the skin packaging revolution

The world of packaging is gradually gaining more and more importance and, consequently, attention.

Among the various existing sub-categories, food packaging is certainly one of the most delicate. The reason is obvious: the material that comes into contact with food must perfectly comply with the regulations in force so that the health of the consumer can be protected.

Furthermore, the Italian legislation concerning food packaging is one of the strictest, demonstrating attention and scrupulousness towards this subject.

To meet the needs of food packaging, Cartotecnica Moreschini offers Carton Skin, a line of cardboard skin packs for packaging fresh meat.

Skin Packaging: the food packaging revolution 

The great challenge of food packaging has always been that of preserving the original properties of the food in question as much as possible, keeping it unaltered.

A mission, the one chased for some time, which may have finally found a place in Skin Packaging: an innovative packaging method capable of allowing long periods of conservation and unchanged product quality.

In Skin Packaging, the film adheres perfectly around the product, using vacuum technology. It is then sealed to the lower support, ensuring the hermetic closure of the package.

Hence the name Skin Pack: the film becomes, in fact, a second skin for the product.

Benefits and recyclability of Carton Skin

Skin Packaging represents an incredible innovation for the world of food packaging for producers, consumers and also for the environment.

In addition to keeping the organoleptic characteristics of the product unchanged, Carton Skin is an extremely simple package to open and considerably reduces the space occupied.

The manufacturer is also able to exploit the entire surface of the cardboard Skin Packaging, indulging with any type of graphics and making the product more attractive.

Moreover, Carton Skin has a further focus on sustainability: this packaging is in fact easy to dispose of in the separate collection of paper and plastic.

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