Christmas wrapping paper: which one to choose?

The Christmas holidays are approaching and the time to dedicate to choosing gifts is getting shorter and shorter.

From the little ones to the adults, everyone in fact wants a little package under the tree, a thought or a wish, to share with friends, loves and family.

Even during the Christmas period, personalized packaging is confirmed as an integral part of the product it contains: Christmas wrapping paper is in fact a detail not to be overlooked.

The origins of the gift wrap

In the common conception, the gift wrap is an embellishment, a detail, a plus. However, it hasn’t always had that reputation.

The first gift boxes in history were in fact made in Asia with a much nobler goal: for Asians, wrapping gifts is a wish for luck and joy for those who receive them.

On the other side of the world, in the West, Christmas wrapping paper has always had the function of protecting the product, almost hiding it from the recipients’ curiosity.

Today, the choice of the right packaging plays a key role in the success of a gift: an original and environmentally friendly package enhances the product itself, enticing the customer to purchase.

Christmas wrapping paper: creativity and respect for the environment

Christmas wrapping paper is a topic that divides, a topic that sees conflicting opinions collide: those who hate choosing the right packages and those who instead unleash all their creativity in the packaging.

However, both personalities can find it advantageous to rely on realities that respectively replace and feed this fantasy.

A suggestion?

Pppattern is one of the very first, made in Italy digital stores which, thanks to the collaboration of young professionals, offers disparate solutions of singular patterns.

Masking Tape, on the other hand, creates adhesive packaging that facilitates the wrapping of gifts and adapts perfectly to any package.

When choosing the gift wrap, never forget respect for the environment! In fact, the Christmas period is a time not only of joy and sharing, but also of great waste.

So, where to throw away your gift wrap? Let’s find this out in the next article…

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