Paper converting specialist: a profession that combines culture and innovation

Paper converting is the process by which paper and cardboard are transformed into everyday objects.

It is the paper converting specialist who takes care of this transformation, working and packaging paper and similar objects.


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What does the paper converting specialist do?

Paper converting today represents a rapidly growing sector, oriented towards a future that is anything but predictable.

Packaging continues to be its most faithful and influential customer: from food to cosmetics, it plays a fundamental role in today’s market.

Holding such a prominent position in the current economy, the paper converting sector needs an increasingly trained staff, constantly aligned on traditional and innovative techniques.

The paper converting specialist is the one who bears the burden of conducting and checking the correct functioning of the industrial machines used during the paper processing processes. A task that can only be carried out by a skilled worker.

Paper converting: an art to be cultivated

Consequently, the paper converting specialist’s work is becoming more and more important.

In a world where the advent of new technologies and increasingly digitized industries seems to have no intention of stopping, it is necessary to continue to train the staff of any activity, especially the most complex ones.

For this reason, Cartotecnica Moreschini pays so much attention to its employees: that of the paper converting specialist is a complex and meticulous job. Each member of our staff is therefore essential to increase the unstoppable growth of our company.

Constant training for Moreschini staff

The extensive and frequent involvement of employees is the key to the continuous improvement of the product and service: therefore, ideas and proposals for improvement must be favored. Each role or function performed in the company is important to achieve the common goal of satisfying the customer and other interested parties.

For Moreschini, the company’s success depends on the continuous professional and cultural improvement of people, which also takes place through continuous training at all company levels.

We are convinced that ethics in business management is a binding principle for its affirmation, as well as a lever to promote and protect our image.

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