Cardboard box – the favorite home of cats

Have you bought your four-legged friends the most luxurious kennels ever but they continue to sneak into any type of hole?

While it may seem like an unusual attitude, it is by no means an out-of-the ordinary behavior! In fact, animals, especially felines, recognize only one dwelling: the cardboard box.

How come?

Let’s find it out together.

Why do cats love the cardboard box?

The cardboard box seems to be the greatest fun (and refuge) for pets, especially felines.

This attitude leads back to their unstoppable instinct. In fact, cats are so fond of boxes because they recognize in them a means of hiding and devising harmless ambushes for their owners.

In addition to curiosity, play and instinct, our feline friends see, in the cardboard box, a perfect anti-stress object,

In fact, according to a Dutch study, cats that use a cardboard kennel are much less nervous and grumpy than those welcomed in a classic pet shelter.

Wooly Home: cozy and sustainable  

Wooly Home, the innovative, comfortable and sustainable cardboard box for cats, was born with the idea of ​​giving our four-legged friends everything they need.

Its unique design manages to capture the curiosity of any type of feline, even the most suspicious.

Totally made in Italy, Wooly Home is made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Its versatility makes it one of the most coveted furnishings, both for cats and for humans.

This little house can be used both as a shelter and as a resting corner, as a game or practical scratching post.

The lines of Wooly Home are designed to ensure maximum comfort and to allow buyers to own an accessory that can adapt to any style of furniture.

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