Interpack: dates set for 2023

Interpack is one of the most important packaging fairs in the world.

From 4 to 10 May, the more than 174,000 square meters of the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition center will host the best of world packaging, highlighting important issues and demonstrating the results of continuous investments in the supply chain.

Interpack visitors will be able to see working packaging machines with their own eyes, examine them and eventually make contact with suppliers.

Research and innovation for a sustainable world

Interpack contains within its huge exhibition space hundreds of different realities united by the same goal: to exploit research and innovation to make the world of packaging ever more sustainable.

For this reason, in addition to the opportunity to concretely see the great progress made by the sector, both exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to attend numerous conferences to better understand the development of packaging.

One of the most discussed issues is that of SAVE FOOD, for which the packaging supply chain can still do a lot.

Interpack: Save food to reduce food waste

One third of the food produced worldwide every year is thrown away or wasted. Quite crazy, if you think that such a quantity would be enough to satisfy the global food demand.

For this reason, food packaging has long played a very important role in the world of packaging.

The shared goal is in fact to find the best solution to combine product design, food protection and reuse of materials.

Food packaging therefore has the power to educate the consumer!

Interpack represents a meeting point for companies producing packaging machines and for all those who want to stay up to date on these issues.

Sharing ideas, innovations, studies and researches can only fuel the desire to achieve that goal common to all supply chains in the world: to respect our planet by eliminating waste.

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