Recyclable packaging: Mogu towards a sustainable future

Recyclable packaging: Mogu towards a sustainable future

Recyclable packaging is becoming more and more fundamental.

In fact, raw materials are starting to run low, confirming a considerable waste of materials and the need to never make the same mistakes as in the past.

The realities that are working to promote alternative solutions to the use of non-recyclable packaging are creating incredibly interesting ideas, capable of combining sustainability and design.

Mogu is an Italian start-up that is trying to revolutionize the world of packaging, respecting good taste and the environment.

Mogu: a new plastic is possible

Mogu is an Italian start-up, born with the aim of creating compostable products in bio-plastic, functional and beautiful to look at.

This idea of ​​recyclable packaging born from the collaboration of engineers and designers, uses mushrooms instead of oil and is applied to packaging, design, decorations and furnishings.

In addition, the materials coming from mushrooms, in addition to being totally compostable, are also able to form sound-absorbing and heat-insulating panels, therefore resistant to fire.

Mogu – which in Chinese means mushroom – is incredibly competitive on the market and is one of the best Italian biotech projects.

Recyclable packaging: a 100% compostable material

Mogu is based on the principle that the biopolymers obtained from the processing of mushrooms allow the creation of an incredibly similar material to plastic and 100% compostable.

In view of achieving the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda, the goal achieved by the innovative Italian start-up is far from obvious.

Of course, the main problem comes when thinking on a large scale but the Mogu team is already working on it: the possibility of approaching a realistic concept of circular economy is in fact much more stimulating than any obstacle.

The union of sublime minds, constantly stimulated and enabled to develop revolutionary ideas is the engine of a healthy and necessary innovation: Mogu is the prime example.

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