Creative packaging: the Birbantello coffee

Packaging is constantly changing: increasingly relevant in the choice of the product, it is now constantly subject to increasingly innovative designs to attract, convince and retain the consumer.

Creative packaging is therefore no longer a bet for a few but a shared certainty: each product has a story that it is right to tell.

The Caffè del Birbantello is a solidarity project promoted by Caffè Borbone that combines imagination, fun, culture and taste.

Let’s find out together.

The Caffè del Birbantello at the Rione Sanità

The Caffè del Birbantello is a solidarity project of Caffè Borbone in collaboration with the Rione Sanità Foundation.

The initiative involved all children between 5 and 13 years of Naples’ Rione Sanità, allowing them to vent their artistic vein.

The ultimate goal?

Designing a creative packaging for the next limited edition line of Caffè Borbone.

The result was amazing: the district was transformed into a splendid lively and colorful laboratory, where everyone could give life to their own ideas.

The artists were in fact asked to think of about thirty phrases about Naples that they could then print on the paper packaging of the pods, also made by a Neapolitan company specializing in the creation of sustainable and innovative packaging. 

creative packaging

Creative packaging and the power of the brand

At the conclusion of the project, the winners were awarded with the delivery of scholarships.

There have been so many brilliant ideas that will transform the next pod packs! Finally, part of the proceeds will finance the training activities promoted by the Rione Sanità Foundation.

With the Caffè del Birbantello the relationship between packaging and storytelling is consolidated, demonstrating the importance of the union between creativity and brand. The stories to be told are in fact many and many times they are independent of the product itself.

Creative packaging combines innovation and tradition to create a unique package, capable of representing all the stories our world has to offer. 

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