Pizza box: tradition is renewed

Pizza has become the staple food of our culinary culture: loved by practically anyone, it contains all the flavors and aromas of our Mediterranean peninsula.

Consumed all over the world, pizza is subject to continuous experimentation: in addition to Margherita, the undisputed queen, the combinations proposed constantly change, fueling the winning union between tradition and innovation.

However, if its versions are countless, we cannot say the same about the containers: the pizza box remains the faithful companion of this dish, consolidating an apparently indissoluble bond.

How come?

Let’s find out together.

Storage and hygiene: why choose cardboard?

There is no pizza without cardboard box… and vice versa!

Over the years, the pizza cardboard box has become part of the culinary culture that surrounds this splendid food.

The continuous innovations that surround the now less and less traditional Italian diet do not seem to affect the union between these two inseparable companions in the least.


The first reason certainly concerns the existence of very strict rules regarding the hygiene discipline of packaging in contact with food substances, especially in Italy.

The materials used to make the pizza box must in fact be categorically made of pure virgin cellulose, to avoid contamination.

Pizza box: where do i throw it?

Waste sorting is finally becoming an increasingly widespread, albeit not fully understood, habit.

As for the pizza box, for example, uncertainties are still widespread.

So let’s try to clarify, answering the classic question: where should I throw it?

If completely clean and free of residues, the cardboard box can be safely thrown away with the paper.

However, we cannot reserve the same treatment for packaging visibly dirty with oil and other foods.

In this case we must:
throw the remains of food in the wet bin
divide the lid of the carton from the rest of the package and throw it into the paper bin
resize the remaining part, in such a way as to make it take up as little space as possible, and throw it in the undifferentiated bin

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