The Wikkelhouse: the first cardboard house from The Netherlands

Green building has been a rapidly growing trend for years.

Its main objective is to build significantly reducing the impact on the environment, using eco-sustainable materials in respect of our planet.

Its first application took place in Holland, with the creation of the Wikkelhouse: a real cardboard house.

The Wikkelhouse’s design 

In 2016, in the Netherlands, Fiction Factory designed the first cardboard house in the world.

We are talking about the Wikkelhouse: a house that can be assembled only in one day, agile to transport and which promises a duration of 100 years.

How is it possible?

Simply enough, Wikkelhouse is the product of remarkable engineering and design solutions.

First and foremos,t it is a customizable block structure, made up of 24 layers of high quality cardboard.

The cardboard covers a sort of skeleton-mold in the shape of a house and is then fixed with a very resistant ecological glue.

The whole is covered with a fireproof film and additional wooden strips, which guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

In the Wikkelhouse the classic rooms are replaced by modules of 5.5 m².

A standard cardboard house consists of an entrance, bathroom, kitchen and living room and amounts to a starting price of around € 25,000.

The structure can be customized by adding new blocks, depending on the wishes of the buyer.

Cardboard houses: an increasingly growing market

Despite the short assembly times of the cardboard house, the Fiction Factory produces less than 20 pieces a year: the goal is in fact to guarantee excellence and attention to detail.

Waiting times are in fact still very long but the company is working to meet the needs of an increasingly numerous clientele.

If currently the reference market is limited to Northern Europe, the objective remains that of expanding its distribution over more and more territories, including the Italian one.

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