Environmental labeling: the decree will see the light in 2023

In 2020, the legislative decree n. 116 established the obligation of environmental labeling for packaging, another step towards a more sustainable form of production and consumerism.

However, this is a measure that will only see light in 2023, due to the continuous extensions that have taken place over time.

CONAI supports the companies

The obligation of environmental labeling was established two years ago, to the aid of the 760,000 companies that produce and use packaging.

CONAI has developed a platform dedicated to the subject by making available guidelines on mandatory and voluntary environmental labeling, so as to concretely help companies to understand how it works and opportunities.


With the legislative decree n.116, designed to define the management of stocks and dictate the guidelines for proper separate collection!

The intent was to establish the roles of responsibility and sanctions, suggesting functional methods for the elimination of Greenwashing’s bad practices.

Complete freedom for graphic style, shapes, colors and sizes, with a single “limit”: maintaining clarity and readability of the information.

Environmental labeling: an inexorable succession of suspensions

On May 21, 2021, however, the conversion law n. 69, including the suspension of the obligation of environmental labeling of all packaging until 31 December of the same year.

On January 1, 2022, the decree re-entered into force, to be suspended and converted again not even a month later.

In an unstable situation such as the one just described, the Ministry of Ecological Transition finally intervenes in mid-March 2022, proposing a decree of a non-regulatory nature.

At the beginning of spring of this year we obtain – after an inexorable succession of suspensions – the definitive guidelines for environmental labeling. Provisions that take into account those previously suggested by CONAI.

However, the law will officially enter into force only starting from 31 December 2022.
Until that date there are no obligations.

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