Paper converting sector: between history and future

To date, despite the fact that the world is digital, we still use products from the paper converting sector.

We trivially think about what the courier delivers when we order something online or at most supermarket packaging.

But what is the paper converting sector really about?

The paper converting industry is not very well known, unless by those who are part of it. Specifically, it deals with the paper and cardboard manufacturing processes to obtain a finished product.

Among the services it offers, we mention:

preparations of products that will be destined for further processing
– the union of supports to increase the resistance of a final product
– the assembly, or the creation of containers and everything that can actually contain something
gluing, therefore the processing that gives the final shape to the products.

Cartotecnica Moreschini: a historical reality of the sector

Cartotecnica Moreschini is a 100% Italian company, specialized in consulting, design and creation of innovative and customized packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and large-scale distribution sectors.

Its strength lies in knowing how to identify the most suitable printing solution based on the product requested by the customer.

But that is not all.

The family business, which has been operating in the paper converting sector with passion and dedication since 1954, still functions as the spokesperson for the ideals of “reconstruction” and “hope” that prompted it to be born.

It is the future that guides the Moreschini ship, which is committed to designing, producing and using packaging in a conscious way.

“Packaging’s ethical charter”: a document of social commitment

Today, packaging is a consumable object in all respects: it attracts us to one product rather than another and is a fundamental means for the safety of goods.

In light of its necessity, it is important to reflect on how the paper converting sector must evolve, to guarantee the future and respect for the environment.

Packaging’s ethical charter” is to all effects a document of common principles that want to act as a social commitment and guide for future paper converting realities.

Within it, law, principles and essential values ​​are intertwined to define an ideal contract between workers in the sector and the regulations in force.

A paper future is not an uncertain one.

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