Wrapping paper: a sustainable choice that leads to savings

Wrapping paper is a low-cost and ecological means of protecting any type of product.

Thanks to its extreme practicality and the reduced impact that its use has on the planet, paper packaging is gaining more and more consideration by companies.
Encouraging the use of an effective and convenient product, both for companies and for the environment, is one of the main objectives of today’s industrial realities.

But how convenient is cardboard packaging?

Let’s discover it together.

Paper and cardboard: the allies of the circular supply chain

Packaging plays an increasingly important role in the choice of the final consumer.

In fact, buyers are increasingly involved by what is “outside”, by the envelope that holds the desired good.
Furthermore, their attention seems increasingly oriented towards the issue of sustainability.

Often, in fact, the respect reserved for it considerably conveys their purchases, leading them to prefer one product rather than another.

Wrapping paper therefore proves to be the most suitable choice: it adequately protects different types of product, is easily workable and is a biodegradable and recyclable material.

Furthermore, in Italy, the interest in recycling materials – in particular paper – is even higher than in the rest of Europe.
Italy has in fact exceeded the target set by the EU for the recycling of packaging, 15 years earlier than expected.

The efficiency of the Italian circular supply chain therefore benefits from the moderate and correct use of many materials. Among these, paper and cardboard are certainly among the most used.

Wrapping paper: benefits for businesses

The paper supply chain is one of the undisputed protagonists of the recent Italian PNRR measure.

The sustainable future that we are painstakingly trying to secure will certainly need paper and cardboard.
Being biodegradable, compostable and renewable, they can be easily reinserted into any production process, thus improving recycling, saving and the well-being of the planet.

Furthermore, the investments and the recent subsidies are contributing to the strengthening of the supply chain, consequently allowing companies to save a considerable sum of money.
More specifically, it is estimated that the use of wrapping paper has led companies to save 200 million euros in just one year.

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