Certifications for sustainable packaging: the essential requirements that help the planet


certificazione packaging sostenibile - Certifications for sustainable packaging

Certifications for sustainable packaging are fundamental tools that help packaging companies to align with the environmental demands coming from the European Union.

When it comes to packaging, in fact, the essential requirements of environmental sustainability come into play, of fundamental importance for the EU, which requires member states to constantly check the packages placed on the market.

But what are the most important certifications in the world of packaging?

Life Cycle Assessment checks eco-sustainable packaging

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a support tool made available to analyze the life cycle of products, allowing companies to verify their footprint on the planet.

This certification, in practice, helps to quantify and evaluate the environmental impacts of a specific product, from the time it left the plant until the moment it was discarded.

EPD, PEFC and FSC are the environmental product declarations that communicate their performance

Once the environmental compliance information of products has been acquired, it must be transferred appropriately.

EPD is a document that allows information on the environmental performance of the product to be communicated, which in order to obtain certification must comply with the guidelines imposed by the General Program Instructions for EPD.

To provide information on compliance with specific requirements of origin and traceability of packaging products, there are certification systems such as PEFC and FSC. These certifications are dedicated to the marking of cellulose-based products and pay particular attention to packaging made with wood from sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable packaging certification to support the circular economy

The world of packaging is certainly doing its part in this delicate phase of ecological transition, looking for solutions that help to respect the environment.

As we all know, packaging is evolving more and more by linking itself to the theme of environmental sustainability. For example, there is no lack of interesting experiments in smart packaging or innovative packaging based on a greater use of cellulose materials instead of plastic ones.

Ultimately, what matters is the change in mentality, which anticipates the change in production practices. An increasing attention to the environment and the adoption of virtuous models of circular economy are founding principles for the packaging of the present and the future.

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