Shoe boxes: packaging ideas that fit perfectly


scatole per scarpe shoe boxes

Shoe boxes have always been a perfect example of how the packaging of a product manages to convey the values of what it contains. This ability is not only a prerogative of the big brands, but also of those who have started their adventure relatively recently.

From the most elegant shoes to the sporty ones, the packaging designers have ensured that the packages take on a symbolic value that goes far beyond their function as simple “containers”.

Redtape Thaat’s shoe boxes are stylish inside and out

shoe boxes

Redtape Thaat’s packaging is essential and elegant, just like what it contains.

Behind the packaging design of Redtape there is the intention to reflect the taste of consumers: a luxury target corresponds to a refined and refined product, equipped with every comfort. The Redtape Thaat pack contains in fact a complete maintenance kit to ensure order and shine to the shoes: two laces, the polish and a brush to clean the shoes in case of need.

A particular feature of this pack is that the two shoes are contained in different housings, so that they do not rub against each other. This eliminates the possibility that they can be damaged during transport.

This shoe box therefore tells the buyer what he himself would like to convey to others: safety, elegance and order.

An immersion in the world of the customer with the Fisherman’s Friend pack

scatole per scarpe fisherman friends

Everyone knows the primary purpose of boots: to protect from water, but that’s not all. Fisherman’s Friend makes the functionality of his creations evident through an absolutely irreverent packaging, easy to distinguish on any shelf.

The packaging design adopted by Fisherman’s Friend communicates the protective functions of the boots by reproducing a marine environment with the creatures that populate it, the ones that the fisherman, target audience of the product, will have to “face”.

This shoe box therefore represents an immersion in the world of the customer. Content and container come together perfectly in a graphic project capable of both attracting the eye and responding at a glance to the needs of the consumer.

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