Frugal Bottle: wine in a recycled paper bottle

Perhaps at first it will not meet the favor of refined sommeliers or the most passionate oenologists, but the Frugal Bottle is certainly a novelty for the strict world of wine.

Frugal Bottle is a 75 cl bottle made of 94% recycled cardboard, with a coat for food inside suitable for containing wine or other drinks. It can be refrigerated and it can keep the liquid fresh for a very long time.

Frugal Bottle is an idea of ​​the British company Frugalpac, which creates products based on recycled paper with a low carbon footprint. The first wine to be sold in the Frugal Bottle is a Sangiovese from the Italian winery Cantina Goccia.

What are the main qualities of Frugal Bottle?


Thanks to a weight of only 83 grams (five times less than a glass bottle) it is easy to carry.


Made with chemical-free recycled cardboard, Frugal Bottle has a carbon footprint six times lower than a glass bottle and one third less than a 100% recycled plastic bottle.


To recycle it, just separate the plastic facing from the cardboard wrapping and put the two materials in their respective containers.


Frugal Bottle uses less plastic than a plastic bottle: 15 grams versus 64 grams.


Since it is entirely made of cardboard, graphics can be applied to the entire surface (and not just on the label as in glass bottles).

Frugal Bottle is trying to take hold in the markets of the United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands, where many supermarket chains and some hotel groups are interested in the product.

Since it can also be used for spirits such as gin, vodka and rum, it has already aroused the interest of those brands that want to reduce their emissions and attract a new audience of consumers interested in sustainability.

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