Spoon of Love, the sustainable package for take-away food

This take-away food packaging project comes directly from India. It was launched by Spoon of Love, a virtual restaurant specialized in vegetarian cuisine.

The restaurant’s need is to provide consumers with user-friendly, sustainable, safe and tamper-proof packaging. To make the packages, paper, bagasse (a derivative of sugar cane) and bamboo fiber were used. Each container is heat sealed with a protective layer, which maintains the freshness of the product and protects it from germs.

The containers are 100% compostable and microwaveable. Furthermore, the packaging is designed to ensure customers that no tampering has occurred during delivery.

In designing the package, the goal was to keep the goodness of the food intact from preparation to consumption. The presence of the convenient trays also gives the possibility to have a meal while traveling, in the office or at home, eliminating the need to plate each dish.

Cutouts intended for small round sauce cups are optional and can be easily pulled out. This guarantees the restaurateur a certain flexibility, which allows him to add or remove any product as needed.

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