Christmas packaging: when the pack is already a party

Packaging is able to convey the Christmas spirit more than anything else. On the other hand, from an early age we have done nothing but wait for Christmas to unwrap parcels and packages wrapped in colored paper and ribbons with voluminous curls. It goes without saying that even companies have learned to enhance the magic of holidays with packs with imaginative and surprising designs.

Whether they are limited editions of products normally on the market, impromptu creative ideas or special cadeaux designed by advertising agencies, let’s see some examples of Christmas packs from different parts of the world.

Croatian designers Maya Matas, Jozo Matas and Kresimir Miloloza have created “Christmas Tea”, a particular tea package immersed in the Christmas spirit. Inspired by the idea that the essence of Christmas is sharing, the design of the pack encourages being together: the Christmas tree that acts as a label splits in two to suggest a moment of relaxation to be savored in two.

Norsk Øl is a famous Norwegian beer. A few Christmas ago they launched a special edition of their bottles, on the label of which appears the “Nisse”, a small mythical creature similar to a goblin. According to local tradition, the Nissers bring luck but are also mischievous. Legend has it that they live in barns and farms. Now, even in beer crates.

The Moon Troops creative agency, located in Lithuania, created the design of “Moon Cherry”, a personalized bottle of wine for Christmas. Handcrafted using techniques such as spray painting, paint splashes and stencils, the bottle has been carefully decorated directly by the agency team, before being given to customers. A “handmade” gift able to warm the heart.

Clinic 212 advertising agency, also from Lithuania, has studied a truly special way to revive the local tradition. Taking a cue from the typical Lithuanian Christmas Eve dinner, which includes 12 different courses, Clinic has created “Sweetmas”: the pack looks like a portable cardboard table in which 12 dishes are “set”, each containing a different sweet.

Irish chocolatier Lily O’Brien has created a delicious festive look for their range of Christmas chocolates. Inspired by the Georgian architecture of Dublin, the packages evoke history, culture and tradition. A unique gift package, which someone will certainly have kept even after emptying it.

What party would it be without ornaments on the Christmas tree? Politanski Brand Design, a creative agency based in Warsaw, Poland, takes care of these. Just pull the orange ring that comes out of the box and take out the magnificent star-shaped origami, perfect as a Christmas decoration.

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