Packaging Oscar 2020: and the winner is … “Eco Piping Bags”

The end of the year is always time to take stock. The Packaging Oscar, the competition created by the Italian Packaging Institute, fulfills the task by rewarding the best packaging of 2020.

Even in this difficult period there have been several innovations that have earned recognition and mentions. Among the most interesting, the new container for skin care products Eco Piping Bags, designed by Unifarco, which won one of the Quality Design awards, was highlighted.

Eco Piping Bags is a sustainable pack in the shape of a pastry bag. It consists of a compostable biopolymer core, while the dispensing of the cosmetic product takes place thanks to a biodegradable and compostable cap made with 3D printing technology.

The secondary packaging is made of FSC © certified cardboard. The pack also allows to reduce waste, thanks to the measuring cap and the shape of the package that facilitates complete emptying.

Founded in 1982, Unifarco is a Belluno company founded by pharmacists, which develops cosmetic, dermatological, nutraceutical and make-up products. In the creation of Eco Piping Bags he collaborated with several partners, including the University of Padua.

To see Eco Piping Bags at work, however, we will have to wait a little longer: Unifarco, which has filed the patent, will begin to industrialize the product in 2022.

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