Cadesio, the chocolate that wants to change the world (together with its pack)

“Cadesio is a company based in Lausanne founded by three women who decided to believe in their dream: to change the world and move towards a future that is more respectful of the elements that surround us.”

This is how Cadesio presents itself on its website. A brand that represents a company and its products, of course. But also a mission. And this mission is pursued through chocolate and the way it is interpreted.

The nine types of Cadesio chocolates tell a unique story, in their innovative combination of ingredients, but also in the way in which they are brought to the consumer, that is through a packaging based on 100% vegetable and recyclable fibers. In addition, each Cadesio chocolate supports a cause: each of them, through its revenues, supports a non-profit organization.

In Cadesio everything artfully designed, starting from the naming. “Ca” are the initials of the word “cocoa”, but also “change”, while “desio” refers to desire: the desire to savor good things done well, but also to change society for the better.

cadesio grafica

cadesio grafica

cadesio grafica

The packaging design is inspired by the values ​​carried forward by the three creators of the brand. The logo represents a futuristic cocoa bean designed around a delta, a symbol of change. Each type of chocolate is also characterized in the packaging by a work of art, each made with a different technique (acrylic painting, watercolor, pencil, scans of real elements) before being reworked digitally. For each chocolate, therefore, a message with a unique “flavor”, capable of attracting the eye even before the palate.

Beyond the form, the substance. The packaging material is made entirely of recyclable paper fibers and designed to avoid the use of glue. The inner packaging is compostable and made of vegetable fibers, completely free from plastic and aluminum.

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